Treasure Bowls

In China tales about a magic treasure bowl have been going around for centuries. The treasure bowl would create unlimited wealth.
Although the actual treasure bowl has never been found, the image of it remains a symbol for happiness and fortune.

I’ve been attracted to the shape of bowls for many years, not surprisingly affected by all the delicacies that I’ve been offered in them by my Chinese family in law.

All kinds of stories have been associated tot the Chinese treasure bowl that illustrate its magic power. It’s been told that whatever is placed into the bowl will be multiplied.

Place a single grain of rice in the bowl and the bowl will be filled with rice. The fact that the actual bowl never has been found makes it possible to fantasize about it.

Exactly the way art can help us imagine new possibilities. I see this as an invitation to continuously evolve and create new shapes and colors, and to embrace the creative process.

For me painting these bowls (and painting and creating in general) is like a treasure hunt, similar to the symbolism of the holy grail.

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