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Janine van Herwaarden

Visual artist & teacher

Creating art makes me feel alive! My love for colors and materials makes me want to play and create every day.


Teresa & Jeff Barber

'Unique, colorful and evocative'

“Looking at your painting makes us feel a fondness for China and warmth in our hearts for that time in our lives.

We feel proud to display an original work of art in our house, and we always remember you, as well, when we look at it. The painting brings a personalized, lived sense of culture to our home. It's not just something we bought in a shop somewhere. It holds real meaning to us.”

Ingrid Pfrommer

'Het schilderij is met liefde gemaakt en er wordt met liefde van genoten.'

“Ik kocht een schilderij van Janine als aandenken aan een memorabele reis. Telkens als ik ernaar kijk, herbeleef ik al die waardevolle momenten. Het herinnert me aan de vrijheid en vrolijkheid die ik voelde en aan de dingen die ik heb gezien en gedaan. Het zegt me meer dan alle foto's bij elkaar! ”

Sau-Wah Lam

'A perfect reminder of the amazing years we spent living in Shanghai'

“Janine had a solo exhibition at one of our favourite galleries in Shanghai. It was actually the first time we had seen her work and whilst we admired many of her pieces, this one immediately caught our eye. The painting captured perfectly the old part of the city, with people’s lives and laundry spilling out onto the streets.

The painting sits in our living room and many of our guests ask about it. ”

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