Janine van Herwaarden

Visual artist & teacher

Creating art makes me feel alive! My love for colors and materials makes me want to play and create every day.  

The world around us has so much beauty and color to offer, we just need to stand still and truly see. I try to catch this beauty and wonder by experimenting with colors and materials, paintings, ceramics and filling up my art journals. 

I hope by seeing my work you can experience the joy and playfulness I feel when creating my art. 

Collecting art means you give yourself the gift of being able to look at something you love every day, discovering something new every day, and make your day a better one. 

Classes and workshops

In my art classes and workshops, I encourage people to experiment without pressure or fear in order to ignite their creative fire.

Using my lessons, you’ll experience the true power of playing and working using your hands, learn to see things in a different light, and notice how this can literally add a splash of color to your life.