A series of paintings that are a compilation of knit-work, patchwork, electrical wiring and fragments of memories of my grandma and childhood.

The patchwork paintings are composed of sample-patches, prints of hand knitted samples and other experiments.

The work shows hints of fabric, yarn, knit-work with knots and holes, and sometimes unrivaled knit-work. I am very much attracted to the patterns and repetition that can be found in knit-work, but also in nature, in the structure of corals and sea weeds and leaves. The lace-like structures, the line work, the repetition of shapes, it never ceases to amaze me.

Threads is a tribute to my grandma and her generation of women, and it honors the beauty of hand crafted products and the beauty of imperfection.

It also recalls the endless patience of the seasoned knitters. In nature not two single leafs or flowers are identical, and so every single knitted or embroidered stitch is unique.

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