My love for natural shapes, flowers, leaves, lace and lace-like structures and textures is a common thread in my work.

Every year in spring I adore the beauty of new life, the budding of the trees, with delicate leaves in the most beautiful colors, from yellow to lime green. I love the blossoming of plants, and flowers and the day the first flower of my peonies start to blossom every year still is a miracle. 

One of my favorite flowers is princess lace. Its name in Dutch is ‘fluitekruid’ which is not as poetic as princess lace. But when I found out the English name, it made me love it even more, because it totally covers what I experience. 

I will always be attracted to flowers, I can’t pass without smelling it, and I will always be amazed about the countless different shapes and colors that nature shows us.  

The spring has a freshness and tenderness that really grabs me, and this work is an attempt to catch that feeling. It’s the combination of colors and the fragile lines that help me express this. 



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