Diving In

My inspiration for this series of work is the wondrous beauty of the sea and my love for her. 

 I love how the wind blows, the salty air, the waves or the totally flat surface. The peace and silence under water, where a whole new world is to be discovered.  

 The colors of the water and the air never cease to amaze me, the shades of green blue and gray and the pink in the air that gradually fades into the blue of the sea on a warm summer night.  

 The immense beauty of corals, sea weeds, plants, fish and the most fabulous minuscule creatures under water is a whole world of its own.  

The almost geometrical structures and patterns in corals and sponges, the glittering of the particles in the water, the shells sprinkled on the beach, the regular patterns in the sand, the sea weeds draped on the beach, it’s all a piece of art in itself. 

Especially these works are referring to places of beautiful spots in Indonesia where I was so lucky to experience the beauty of the underwater world. 

The paintings show the diversity, the beauty, the calmness but also the playfulness and unexpected twists and the immense power of the ocean. 

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