Treasure Bowls

In China tales about a magic treasure bowl have been going around for centuries. The treasure bowl would create unlimited wealth.

Although the actual treasure bowl has never been found, the image of it remains a symbol for happiness and fortune.

Joy Of Colors

Spring time is a time of the year that I always long for after winter. The days that are become longer and lighter, the flowers that start to grow, the dancing and humming insects really have an impact on me, I just feel so much lighter and better.


A series of paintings that are a compilation of knitwork, patchwork, electrical wiring and fragments of memories of my grandma and childhood.

Dots & Sprinkles

My love for repetitive patterns, structures truly shows in these paintings. I’m in spired by patterns in nature, but also in handwriting, embroidery, and knitwork. In this work I combine different patterns into patchworks.

Diving In

My inspiration for this series of work is the wondrous beauty of the sea and my love for her.


Every year in spring I adore the beauty of new life, the budding of the trees, with delicate leaves in the most beautiful colors, form yellow to lime green. I love the blossoming of plants, and flowers and the day the first flower of my peonies start to blossom every year still is a miracle.


My love for natural shapes, flowers, leaves , lace and lace-like structures and textures is a common thread in my work


The period in time where we lived in China has been one of the most impressive peri-ods in my life.

Work On Paper

I love to work on paper, because it has a tactile quality that I like. Since I like to experiment a lot on smaller formats, paper is a very good medium to work on. It allows me to work more flexibly.

Bowls, Flowers & Patchwork

Tea Time