Small Is Beautiful

These pieces are a wonderful addition to your home on a small wall, or in that precious corner of your kitchen.

For Kids' Rooms

Shop a magical colorful painting for your kids or nursery room. It’s never too early to get some colorful art in your kid’s life.

Above Your Sofa

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a colorful painting in the room where you spend a a lot of time?

A painting that complements the colors of your home can really elevate the ambience of a room.

All The Way

If you really want to make a statement, a large artwork can do wonders for the atmosphere in your home or office. Especially in a spacious room a large work will have more impact than a few smaller pieces.

Precious Gifts

Find a wonderful, unique piece for a modest price to make someone happy or treat yourself.


From wine glasses to candle holders or tea tips, every piece is unique. They’ve been made using either throwing or hand building techniques, or combining the two.